SD37 Monthly Local Republican Party (BPOU) Meeting

Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 10th

Meeting time: 6:30 pm

Location: Metro Gun Club Training Room, 10601 Naples St NE, Blaine


Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, May 8th - Monthly Local Republican Party (BPOU) Meeting

Wednesday, June 12th - Monthly Local Republican Party (BPOU) Meeting


Come and join your fellow Republicans in a relaxed, social atmosphere. Meetings are open to all citizens eligible to vote in Senate District 37 who wish to be affiliated with the Republican Party and who support the purposes and objectives of the Republican Party, and their guests. We welcome anyone who believes in limited government and the general principles of the Republican party. This event is free and you will not be expected to make a donation. This will be a very informal event and we welcome newcomers. We want all conservatives in our area to get involved and engaged in our party! Please invite your friends and family! This is your opportunity to see what is happening at the grass roots level and have an influence on policies.


CD3 Delegates to CD3 Convention and State Convention

D - James Davis
D - RaeLee Kubesh
D - Violet Lyford
D - David Salveson
D - Joa Selvie
D - Donald Willadsen
D - Harland Wyvell
D - Maddie Yang

CD5 Delegates to CD5 Convention and State Convention

D - Randall Johnson
D - Anthony Wilder
A1 - Hans Hansen
A2 - Connie Rivard
A3 - Laura Zempel

CD6 Delegates to CD6 Convention and State Convention

D - Joyce Bergstedt
D - Ryan Cook
D - Kirstie Doar
D - Rob Doar
D - Peter Heule
D - Gretchen Irmen
D - William Irmen
D - Wayne Jacobson
D - Tom Knisely
D - Donald Koehler
D - Michael Kreun
D - Ruth Mund
D - Gregory Newgren
D - Wanda Newgren
D - Bruce Peterson
D - Dianna Peterson
D - Jerome Petron
D - Brad Sanford
D - Christopher Tiedeman
D - Thomas Todd
D - Jay West
D - Nolan West
D - Robyn West
D - Andrew Westerberg
A1 - Daniel Olson
A2 - Linda Knowler
A3 - Richard Nystrom
A4 - Scott Bohrer
A5 - Mark Wernimont
A6 - David Washburn
A7 - Marjorie Harris

David Salveson
Donald Willadsen
Harland Wyvell
Joa Selvie
Maddie Yang
RaeLee Kubesh
James Davis
Violet Lyford